How We Began


After watching Dateline NBC, where an American doctor was buying young children in Cambodia for sex, Remi (Founder/President of the "Will Santa Find Me?" Foundation) knew her foundation had to help these precious children from being sold into child sex slavery. In 2006 the newest division of our nonprofit was formed—Hopes & Dreams International. This division initially started out empowering families in Cambodia. To prevent the sale of their children, we provided food, shelter, and the opportunity to become self-sufficient. We sent several girls to learn the trade of cosmetology or sewing.

While helping families in Cambodia, Remi had a vision to build a Healing Center, the first of its kind, in America for sex trafficked children. The question was how these children in Cambodia would be brought to a Healing Center in America. "How God?" asked Remi. She then heard that small still voice in her thoughts saying, "Superman is coming".

One year later enters Superman! In 2007, we had the pleasure of meeting actor Dean Cain, Superman from the TV show, "Lois and Clark". He connected us to the real life Superman who recovers these children. His amazing team has recovered hundreds of children. We soon discovered this horrific crime was happening right here in America to our precious children, as young as three years old. We are now in the initial stages of creating a unique Healing Center in the United States.



Our mission is to rescue, heal, and keep hopes and dreams alive for young American children (as little as three years old) who are kidnapped and sold into the dark horrific world of child sex trafficking.

heart Remi - CEO / Founder
RemiPrior to founding WSFM, Remi worked for St. Francis and Hartford Hospital as a bi-lingual social worker in Connecticut with a focus on pediatrics. In addition, she served as a social worker in the educational school system handling issues such as child abuse, incest and neglect. She also planned and implemented several projects including decorating and gardening throughout the school district. Remi and her oldest son spent several years modeling in NY, CT, and Boston. Her most rewarding job was being a stay at home mom and taking care of her two boys. Her main goal is to pursue philanthropy and to serve as a child's advocate. Remi holds a bachelor's degree in language arts from the University of Connecticut. She also studied abroad at the University of Valencia, Spain. Remi received the "Everyday Hero Award" for December 2007 by WSFB Channel 3 and a hero nomination award for the American Red Cross in 2009. She is also inducted into her High School's Hall of Fame.